S23~Privé | Fall 2019

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Miriam Budet // FALL 2019

Puerto Rican Fashion Designer Miriam Budet latest collection inspired by the known Bible Chapter “Psalms 23”, draws inspiration from the universal themes of healing, restorative capability and assurance of something better. Elegant, sophisticated and upbeat the collection effortlessly integrates cutting edge juxtapositions such as repurposed denim in her silk crepe pieces and plays with a cutting edge and sophisticated color palettes of black, spruce, teal, purple with a hint of light in warm mustards, white, reds. Miriam Budet is quickly becoming a sought after name and her work is definitely indicative of her passion, focus and talent which has not only grown but matured with strength and beauty in the face of adversity.

S23 | Fall 2019

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Miriam Budet // FALL 2019

Drawing inspiration from the famous chapter 23 from the book of Psalms the designer presented her fall 2019 Collection this season in the Ritz Paris during Paris Fashion Week. A collection rich in details that embraces dark prints with a pop of color. Sporty but classy and always the right amount of edge that makes every woman feel comfortable and confident.

Breton | Cruise 2019

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Miriam Budet // Cruise 2019

Inspired by French Brittany and the famous “Breton Stripes” manifests the
confidence, comfort and the right amount of edge a women should always travel with.