Fashion Mask


Runway Collection Inspired 

  • Assorted Prints
  • Lightweight, seasonless fabric.
  • Elastic side straps.
  • Made in Puerto Rico

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Special Edition from collection fabrics most of them 100% cotton. This a must have safety item, that can help limit the chances of compromising your health or of those you love. Some of the masks made with prints from past collections may vary, but this makes them unique.

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Alerta SALE!, Alerta 2 SALE!, Alerta 3 SALE!, Alerta 4 SALE!, Alerta 5 SALE!, Save Brave Careful, Rise Up 1, Rise Up 2, Rise Up 3, BombSquad, Coeur 1, Coeur 2, Teal, S23, S23 Prive, S23 Prive 2, S23 Resort 1, S23 Resort 2, Purple Heart, El Nido, El Nido 2, El Nido 3, Breton 1, Breton 2, Mar de Cristal, Mar de Cristal 2, Mar de Cristal 3, Paseo, Paseo 2, Calles de Oro, Calles de Oro 2, Calles de Oro 3, Birds, Birds 2, Desert Bloom, Desert Bloom 2, Desert Bloom 3, We Are Bees, We Are Bees 2, Freedom, Contraste, Contraste 2


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